Microsoft Teams integration

Make and receive calls within Microsoft Teams

Watch Make and receive calls in Microsoft Teams with teams4wildix on YouTube.

The teams4Wildix integration allows you to make and receive calls with external users within Microsoft Teams, without upgrading your Office 365 license and without complex configurations.

Highlights of teams4Wildix, the Microsoft Teams integration

1. No license upgrade required

teams4Wildix is the only integration that doesn't require an upgrade to higher-tier Microsoft 365 licenses (E3, E5, Teams Phone). The phone features on Teams will be available for all PBX users with no added costs.

3. Call on browser and on desktop app

Users can access all the phone features both from the browser or desktop app. Teams4Wildix offers complete feature support and ensures a seamless user experience. 

2. Available out-of-the-box

The integration doesn't require complex installation procedures. After downloading and installing the plug-in, the user can immediately access the Wildix phone system from the native Teams interface. 

4. Advanced PBX features

Multi-level IVR, call transfer, unlimited call routing configurations: with the teams4Wildix integration, you'll have access to all the VoIP PBX advanced features within Microsoft Teams. 

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